SharpEcho is a technology consulting and custom software company focused on maximizing business value for our clients. We work hard to understand the business demands specific to our clients so that we can deliver technology solutions that meet those specific needs.

We work with great people

Great software doesn't write itself. Our team is filled with great people who are passionate about software development and technology but also possess sharp business acumen to enable us to move seamlessly from requirements to implementation and beyond.

To write great software

Great software, to us, is functional, usable, reliable, flexible . . . and many more things, but most importantly, great software is something that serves your business. We understand that your business needs are going to be the driving factors of an optimal technology solution -- not the other way around! By partnering with you and being aligned to your company's business strategy, we will be able to build great software together.

And deliver great technology

We embrace an agile approach to delivery that allows us to incrementally add business value throughout implementation. Instead of having to wait months -- or years -- to see your new technology in action, we deliver production quality assets iteratively every few weeks. It's your technology delivered.


Success to us means that we've brought the technology solution optimal for your company’s unique set of concerns -- we become a partner to deliver solutions aligned to your company's near, medium, and long term strategy. Because we understand that every business is different, we approach every engagement with an open mind so that we can custom tailor our solutions to the needs unique to each and every one of our clients.

Custom Software

Software development is one of our core strengths -- whether that's a large enterprise scale implementation with all the bells and whistles or extending the life of an existing implementation. We are able to consistently deliver exceptional software by starting with the best developers and combining seasoned leadership and sound processes while working in close partnership with our clients.

Fractional CIO

Our services also include helping companies by providing impartial, executive-level IT leadership, either in partnership with or in place of a traditional in-house CIO. This arrangement affords our clients access to a seasoned IT executive who can help align IT strategy, manage staff and vendor relationships, evaluate existing processes, and handle some or all of the other IT leadership duty necessary for companies to run effectively and efficiently.

Technology Assessment

We can handle technology assessments for companies with legacy implementations that want to truly understand the scalability of their existing platforms, as part of due diligence in preparation for acquisition, in turnaround scenarios, or any other situations that may arise.


Our team is responsible for working on a wide variety of projects. Some recent examples include: building a cloud based platform using Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem for one of the largest utility meter manufacturing and installation companies in the United States, working with a large energy company to migrate to a NoSQL implementation for their heavily used and system critical components, and creating scalable solutions for a leading provider of health care reimbursement assurance programs to allow them to meet current and future demands. We take pride in delivering quality on behalf of our clients. Their success is our success. Here are a just a few examples.


We have a results-first attitude when it comes to work and place high value on our employees. If you like being able to have a high level conversation about a project and being let loose to build it – while learning new things and working through the gotchas – then SharpEcho is the place for you. We are patient when we hire and will wait for the right person for each of our open positions. If you are that person, we hope that you’ll send your resume via email to jobs@sharpecho.com.



SQL Server

Right now, SharpEcho is looking for talented Senior Consultants to join our growing team! If you are have a passion for development and want to work with other developers with that same passion while working on software projects that are changing industries, SharpEcho is the place for you.

We live and breathe software and technology but aren't too keen about building a long list of required skills. We don’t care too much about having a specific number of years of experience or certifications, but are extremely particular about hiring people with an expert skill level designing, developing, and consistently delivering high quality software.

For the specific roles we are currently looking to fill (and for most of our projects and engagements), we are looking for candidates with a depth of experience on the Microsoft stack. We are using C#, JavaScript, and SQL Server – so qualified candidates need be experts on those topics. We are also taking advantage of a broad range of other tools and technologies, too, including: Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, Bootstrap, client-side JavaScript frameworks, and several ORMs. While having some exposure to some or all of these technologies is helpful, we prefer to hire smart people that can come up to speed quickly on new technology, rather than people that may possibly be a match on our current stack but would find difficulty adapting to changes in technology.

Communication skills – both written and verbal – are also very important to us because we afford our consultants ample opportunity to work across domains. Being able to communicate effectively and work with co-workers and clients alike are essential.

SharpEcho’s Software Developers’ responsibilities are centered around designing, developing, and delivering high quality software. We take pride in hiring smart people and giving them the opportunity to understand business need down, drive system design, and iteratively bring new functionality online while being proficient problem solvers.


Sometimes we have a lot to say about a little, sometimes a little to say about a lot. Either way, here is where we say it.
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2018 Cougar 100

SharpEcho is proud to be recognized as a 2018 Cougar 100 company by the University of Houston Alumni Association.  The Cougar 100 identifies the world’s top 100 fastest growing companies owned or led by University of Houston alumni. With a growth rate of 30% for the period from 2015 to 2017, SharpEcho was recognized as […]

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